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Join Our Sunday Worship Service

Today, more than ever, we need to come together to spread the Word of God and make a positive change in our community. Join us as we gather in His holy name and pray for the intentions of our fellow brothers and sisters in faith.

The doors of Garfield Memorial Christian Church are open for people from all walks of life every Sunday. Visit us in McLean, Virginia and together, let us live by His grace.

What Can I expect when I visit? in Worship?

  • Smiling faces.
  • Dress is informal. We have no dress code.
  • A consistent Order of Worship is followed in relatively low-key services.
  • Congregational participation and clergy and lay leadership are the norm.
  • A bulletin and hymnals/song books are available.
  • The words to prayers and music are also projected.
  • A special time during the service is set aside for children of all ages.
  • The music in our service is very diverse, from classical works to contemporary music, provided by a variety of musicians.
  • Communication is open to all.
  • Bread and grape juice are served; gluten-free wafers are always available.
  • Hearing assistance devices are available at the sound booth.
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